Our Vision

Inspiring minds and connecting people.

Our Mission

Through its innovative approach to learning and exceptional engagement with business, Trafford College prepares learners for success in work and life.

Our Core Competencies and Values

The College will strive to:-

  • Consistently deliver great teaching, learning and assessment: By seeking to inspire and motivate others and being self-motivated.
  • Provide great customer service: By valuing, respecting and supporting the needs of others.
  • Provide vision and effective leadership: By aspiring to succeed by taking individual and collective responsibility.
  • Manage performance: By establishing goals, monitoring progress and responding to emerging issues.
  • Provide positive and constructive communication: By being inclusive, approachable, helpful and responsive.
  • Collaborate through effective teamwork: By working together as a team, utilising our strengths to find solutions and achieve success.
  • Continuously improve: By actively seeking opportunities to achieve excellence.
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Trafford College is a leading provider of education and training in Greater Manchester. With a £50m investment in world-class facilities, an innovative approach to learning and exceptional links with some of the borough’s most significant employers, students are given a platform from which they can achieve their full potential.