Me, Myself & I

As part of our remit the Employability and Community team work closely with local community groups to support various agendas such as Health Improvement, Worklessness and Access to further education.  A recent project supported was in partnership with The Voice of BME (VBME).

Me, My Health & I was a project based on a programme of activities promoting physical and mental wellbeing with five ways of wellbeing, exercise sessions, stress management, improving self –esteem and making informed choices for food and nutrition. Sandra Barber (Community Development Worker for Trafford College) worked with VBME by providing an experienced trainer and qualified therapist Liz Cole and Janet Broughton, which encouraged more interest from the community to enrol on the course.

The project was successfully completed by 15 community members and to mark the occasion there was a celebration session with the Lady Mayor in attendance, all learners received a certificate and some expressed their achievement by writing heartfelt acknowledgements at the end of the session, here are some extracts from their messages:

“In these fast moving, busy times, we often forget about the most simple things, we tend to take them for granted or we do not see them anymore, we do not take time to look at them!”

“Me My Health and I” has enabled me to put some priorities back in my Life”

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone from both the BME community and those who are not restricted by the challenges of ethnic minority.  I love how we have all pulled together and supported each other.  I will be sad to finish the course but hope that there will be many more opportunities within the Trafford area to improve my emotional and physical health”

“I feel like the course has helped me to interact and socialise with different people as well as helping me with my English language. I really liked the group I was working with, and I would like to thank you for all of your support”.



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Me, Myself & I

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