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Teaching & Learning

If you want a career in teaching, then a higher level course at Trafford College could be the ideal starting point for you.
Our specialist training programmes are offered on a part time basis, provide students with all different levels of teaching experience the opportunity to achieve desired career. From introducing students to the Education sector, to more advance courses we have a wide variety of courses to enable career progression in teaching.

Learners will be guided through the course by our industry professionals with years’ experience in teaching and will have access to a range of learning facilities across our campuses.

Check out our list of courses below:

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The information provided on our website is subject to change and does not form any part of any contract or relationship between Trafford College and any present or future learners. Trafford College reserves the right to withdraw any course listed at any time.

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Trafford College is a leading provider of education and training in Greater Manchester. With a £50m investment in world-class facilities, an innovative approach to learning and exceptional links with some of the borough’s most significant employers, students are given a platform from which they can achieve their full potential.