Environmental Technologies

As leading trainer provider for Trafford and Greater Manchester, the College works with a network of over 300 employers across a range of different sector areas.

In the Environmental Technology sector, we have been recognised for training excellence with a Skills Academy status in Environmental Technologies, and the College is one of the 14 lead ‘hubs’ for Environmental Technology training in the UK.

We work with a variety of both small and large organisations to deliver customer focused solutions for your business. Some of our key clients include Glen Dimplex, City Facilities Management, Mite Engineering and Manchester Working.

Trafford College provide tuition in the design, installation and maintenance of technologies such as solar thermal, photovoltaics, heat pumps, water harvesting and recycling. Just some of the training packages we provide include:

Our Apprenticeship training packages are developed in partnership with you, to train existing or new staff. If you have a vacancy, take advantage of our free Apprenticeship recruitment service to match your business with the ideal Apprentice.

The College also provides access to state-of-art facilities in the ‘Green Room’.  Based at the College’s Technology Centre, the Green Room has all the latest equipment required for training in environmental technologies.

Environmental Technologies (PDF)

 For more information about how we can help to grow your business and to book a free training needs analysis, please contact us on 0161 886 7070.

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