Health & Wellbeing

With a focus of Health and Wellbeing rating highly on the Trafford agenda, we have been working with various organisations to deliver various courses to help promote healthy eating amongst adults and family members.

Kings Road community school – Working closely with Jo Whiteside, the extended school coordinator at the school and Avril Povah our Cookery Tutor,  we supported a 4wk cookery course where parents we ask to attend with their children afterschool to be taught how to make various healthy snacks and  canopies for a family picnic which was to be held as a celebration day on the 5th week.    The course attracted 9 parents and 15 children who thoroughly enjoyed the experience especially doing something different with their children and also learning and encouraging them to make healthy snacks.

We hope to repeat this experience in other schools and organisations across Trafford during 14/15 linking in other topics such as cooking on a budget, intergenerational work and international cookery so that we can support the promotion of health eating/lifestyle across the board.

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Health & Wellbeing

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