Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities

Trafford College Community Learning workings together with Clean start to encourage Upcycling.

This project is initially set to run for 10wks with 2x 5wks taught session in partnership.  The hope is that the project will grow with the help of volunteers into a sustainable venture in the local area.


Everyone can upcycle, it is a quick and cheaper way to revamp old or disused furniture into something suitable for use or to sell on to others.

This project aimed at people aged 19+, has given some local people a kick start back into learning especially those who have not been in a learning environment since school.

So far, 20 local residents have benefited from the taught sessions; we are currently recruiting for the next 5wk course due to start mid-June and already have people keen to attend.


If you are interested in starting a project within your organisation please contact us for an initial discussion about your ideas.  Unfortunately we do not have the finance to invest into community projects but we are willing to share resources where possible.


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Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities

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