Would you like to find out more about the exciting career opportunities in VFX, computer animation and video games?
Escape Studios and Trafford College have teamed up to provide a unique experience and taste of what your career could be like working in the exciting creative industries sector.
Escape studios is a leading creative academy based in London and they’ve helped over 4000 alumni break into the industry. Their students have worked on BAFTA and Oscar winning films like Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, The Jungle Book, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Gravity. They’ve also worked on bestselling games (Assassin’s Creed and Forza Horizon), award winning adverts and some have even set-up their own studios. Escape Studios really know their stuff and this is your chance to get trained by the experts.

If you’re starting or leaving College in summer 2018 you should take advantage of our unique offer to help you in the next stage in your education and career with our Year 11 Taster Day or 2 day summer workshops. Both will be held at Trafford College during the summer of 2018 and you can register your details below and we’ll keep you informed as to the exact dates once they have been confirmed.

Year 11 Taster Day
Escape Studios and Trafford College have teamed up to offer a FREE Taster Day to school students in the Manchester area. Join us next summer for a packed day of careers advice and hands-on workshops. Discover if you’ve got what it takes to work on the next Hollywood blockbuster or create a future worldwide gaming hit!

Summer Worshops
Are you studying or have just completed a BTEC / A level qualification and looking to progress to university or start your career as a games artist or animator?

For just £50 you can take part in a packed two day specialist workshop at Trafford College. You’ll be taught by professionals who have worked in the industry and you’ll get hands-on tutorials to create a mini masterpiece that can form part of your creative portfolio. Plus we’ll give you tons of careers advice, tips and industry insights to kick-start your career.