FREE LAPTOP for all full time students moving onto a full time degree course at Trafford College!

All students who successfully complete a Level 3 course at Trafford College and progress onto a full or part time degree course at the College will be given a FREE LAPTOP, the HP 250 Intel Core i3-400GU, 15.6” 4GB laptop.  Built for mobile use, it has a rugged case, long battery life and a good keyboard, making it a great study aid.

As a Trafford College student you will be entitled to download the Microsoft Office suite as part of your Office 365 account.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The offer is only available to students who successfully complete a full time Level 3 course in June 2015 and start a full or part time Level 4 course in September 2016.
  1. If the student fails to attend regularly or leaves the course then the laptop must be returned to Trafford College.
  1. There is no cash alternative to the offer of a free laptop.
  1. Students are responsible for care and maintenance of the laptop, including insurance to cover damage, loss or theft.
  1. Students must ensure that antivirus software is installed.
  1.  If the student fails to pay their fees to the college either directly or via a student loan, then the laptop must be returned to the college.
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