Will Proves there are no Barriers to Success

Trafford College foundation learning student William

A former Foundation Learning student who has kick started his journey to a dream career following a difficult start in education, is urging young people with learning or behavioural difficulties to never give up on their dream of pursuing further education or a successful career.

William Arpino (18) from Flixton, who suffers with ADHD, struggled to adapt to education and left school with minimal GCSE’s, but he never gave up on the idea of continuing with his education.

He decided to contact Trafford College and enrolled on an entry level course with the aim of improving his ICT skills. It wasn’t long before his tutors recognised his obvious potential and encouraged him to improve his existing grades, with the aim of achieving the goals he craved so much. The transition wasn’t easy and Will struggled with his exams, but he adopted the approach that he would try to turn every negative into a positive, and with hard work and an optimistic outlook he managed to overcome his difficulties.

Will feared that because of his learning difficulties, the options available to him after finishing college could be limited, so he met with the College careers and guidance team who asked him outright what his ambitions were.  There was no hesitation with his response. His father was a Police Officer for Greater Manchester Police, and from the moment he’d first seen him in his uniform, he knew what he aspired to be. He would someday work with the police.

The College’s expert careers advisors talked with Will about the Apprenticeship opportunities available with GMP.  The option immediately sounded like the ideal training opportunity for Will, as it involved on the job training, rather than training solely in the classroom.

Approximately 3,000 applicants applied for the Apprenticeship which was narrowed down to 110 people. Ultimately only 26 placements were offered, and Will was ecstatic to discover that he was one of them. He recently started his Administration Support Officer Apprenticeship with the Police and he couldn’t be happier.

He comments, “Amongst many other duties, in the office I have the important role of making brews!  I also make sure all Police vehicles are checked out and functional for the road before being sent out on the job. I’ve been able to implement my ICT skills by creating and launching a computer database for logging the weekly checks to all vehicles and I very much enjoy staffing all the phones in the department for non-emergency calls, as well as dealing with the general public and officers from other stations across Greater Manchester. I’m hoping this position may turn into a permanent role, but if it doesn’t, I plan to return to College to complete the Level 2 Uniformed Services course, as I absolutely see my future with the Police force.”

“I’m so grateful to Trafford College and my tutors Katy Postall & Lynne Flame. They are very welcoming and understanding, and treat you like family.  If you’re willing to put the hard work in, they’ll support you every step of the way to achieve your ambitions and get you ready for work.  Without coming to Trafford College I wouldn’t have had the opportunities or employability skills needed to secure my Apprenticeship.”

“The College welcomes you with open arms no matter what your background.  They will give you a chance, if you give them a chance! Anybody with a disability shouldn’t be afraid to chase their dreams, anything is achievable you’ve just got to put the work in and go for it, and Trafford College provide the support and guidance for young people to succeed.”

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